Furnace Problems? Check These 6 Things If Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

1. Take a Look at the Ignition Sensor.

Check the ignition sensor if your furnace won’t turn on. A dirty sensor might be the cause of your furnace’s inability to remain on, or even quit pumping cool air. The furnace will only turn on if the heat exchanger — the element that warms the atmosphere — detects an ignition.

On the other hand, dirt might obstruct the sensor’s capability. A reputable furnace repair business will replace a furnace flame sensor and the necessary cleaning. You can also contact our trained professionals from the best furnace repair Toronto.

2. Examine the Pilot Light in the Furnace.

Start by turning the furnace on and off to see whether the pilot light will remain lit. If the gas furnace still won’t turn on after resetting the pilot, switch it off and check the system for any damage. If everything else fails, it’s essential to contact a professional from our furnace repair service in Toronto as soon as possible to do a gas furnace check-up.

3. Examine the Breaker Panel.

Circuit breakers also control furnaces. Check that the circuit breaker panels and the stove itself are both turned on; this is a common cause of your furnace not turning on. If the breakers are not in the on position, carefully replace them. Close the furnace door to allow the safety switch to ignite the furnace.

4. Examine the Batteries.

If the thermostat doesn’t show that it’s turned on or won’t turn on the furnace, the batteries will be dead and need to be replaced. Switching to AA lithium batteries instead of alkaline cells will help increase the life and consistency of your furnace.

5. Check the Position of the Thermostat.

Make sure your thermostat is set to the appropriate heating setting if you’re wondering why your furnace won’t go over 60 degrees. Moving your thermostat away from direct sunlight and drafts will result in a more accurate reading of the thermostat and a better heating experience.

6. Take a Look at the Furnace Filter.

Inspect the furnace’s filter, which is found in the uptake or furnace itself, if your furnace turns on but fails to keep you warm. Examine it to see whether it’s blocked with dust or other material. Hold the filter up to the light to check for clogging; it must be replaced if the light does not travel through it. When changing a dirty filter, make sure the furnace is turned off and the filter is aligned in the direction the furnace is blowing air.

Because your furnace works with various gases and ignitions, it’s recommended to leave any additional troubleshooting to a professional to guarantee appropriate furnace repair. Search Toronto heating repair or call us, Martino HVAC at (647) 277-9680 to solve all furnace-related problems.